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Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid-Participating Home Health and Hospice Providers

Beginning in November 2017, all Medicare and Medicaid providers – including home health and hospice agencies – must meet a host of complex new requirements designed to ensure they have the necessary planning in place to provide safe care for their patients in the event of an emergency. This NAHC webinar series, which starts June 1, will provide the knowledge participants need to prepare for the unexpected with confidence.

Those who attend this webinar series will dramatically increase their knowledge and understanding of the new federal emergency preparedness requirements that are part of these new home health and hospice Conditions of Participation (CoP). In addition, attendees will learn how to apply the federal requirements for disaster preparedness in their home health or hospice agencies. The programs are scheduled to begin in June, in hopes that CMS will have released the interpretive guidance related to the new requirements by then. Regardless, home health and hospice providers must act soon to ensure compliance in a timely fashion.